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NOTE:  Current Members:  Please continue to login to this .COM website for uploading your digital/projected image competition images.  The new .ORG site is not currently designed to accept images for competitions.  We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Harrisburg Camera Club

(Please update your bookmarks and check out the new .ORG site.  A push from this site to the new one will occur in the near future!!)

Harrisburg Camera Club Website

http://ww.harrisburgcameraclub.org is our new home on the web.  I would like
to extend a very special thank you to our web team; Chip Cain, Charlie
Hubbard, Tom Wenger and Andy Hoff. Over the summer, they met and worked
on the new site. Our webmaster Chip Cain was truly instrumental in
making this new site a reality. Thanks again to our outgoing
webmaster Tom Wenger. The site Tom managed and maintained was well
designed and provided a great vehicle for getting our presence out to
the world.

As with all new releases of a website there will be some growing pains.
We have several areas which need to be refined. Additionally, we still
plan on using some aspects of the previous site such as our competition
upload pages until a new procedure is in place. Over the next several
weeks, you will see new areas popping up on the site. We also would
like your feedback in correcting any errors and ways to improve the

The new .org site provides more user friendly menus, a detailed calendar
of club and special events and the addition of social media vehicles to
share information with other photographers and amongst our membership.
Again, please take some time to explore the new site.

WE ARE www.harrisburgcameraclub.org!!

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For more information, please call Andy at (717) 975-0630 or HCC at harrisburgcameraclub@yahoo.com

Contact Us: P.O. Box 1705, Harrisburg, PA 17105. Please include your name, address, phone number(s) and harrisburgcameraclub@yahoo.com.

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